Paint Calculation Formula in Seattle, WA; How Much Paint Do I Need for Walls or Ceilings

When you decide it is time to repaint your home and give it a fresh new look, you will need to figure out how much it will cost so as to properly budget for it. Tools such as paint brushes and rollers, painting and masking tape etc, can be easy to determine how many you will need and how much it will cost as well. However, it can be difficult to know how much paint you will need for a project. Corliss Painting Company will share how to properly measure the painting surface and figure out how much paint you will need to complete your painting project.

How Much Paint Do I Need for One or More Walls?

To properly measure your painting surface whether you are painting your home’s walls and/or ceilings, make sure you have something to write down a few measurements and of course, you will need a measuring tape. You will need to measure the height as well as the width of each wall. For larger walls you may need a 100 foot measuring tape since most measuring tapes only go as long as 25 feet. Yet, if needed, you can take multiple measurements and simply add them together. When measuring walls with windows don’t worry about trying to measure and then subtract the square footage of the windows or doorways. It is good to have a little extra paint. Depending on the layout of the home you may have large openings. Only then should you take individual measurements. Measuring the height can be difficult if there are height variations such as vaulted ceilings, or a sunk-in subfloor. However, if you measure the highest point and use that number, then you have extra paint for future touch ups. After you measure the height and width, multiply the wall’s height with the wall width of each section and then add them all together. Once you have added all the number’s together, you’ll have the square footage of the surface you will need to paint. With the square foot calculations you can begin looking at paint.

Painting Over New or Painted Walls?

When buying paint there are a few additional considerations. For one how old is the previous paint, or are the walls being painted for the first time? Dry walls have a tendency to suck in more paint then newer walls which are more moist. This means you may find you will need more paint. Older paint and new walls that have never been painted often needs a little extra paint since the walls absorb more paint. When the walls have been painted before and the paint is five years old or less, they don’t require as much paint. When buying paint know the condition of the surface. Additionally, pay close attention to the type of paint you buy. Some paints vary from 400 to 350 square feet of coverage per gallon. It is also recommended to always use a primer paint combo to ensure the quality. Lastly, for a quality painting project you will always want to do at least two coats of paint. When buying paint make sure you get enough for two coats.

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Trying to figure out the amount of paint you will need can be tricky and often comes with experience. If you find you need help calculating and painting your home, you can always turn to a professional painting service. Corliss Painting Company can help calculate and provide quality painting services for residential, commercial interior as well as exterior painting and more. To schedule our services, contact Corliss Painting Company today.

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